Meet the Pastoral Leadership @ SBMI...

Dr. Lonnie  S. Stinson

Senior Pastor/Founder

Dr. Lonnie S. Stinson and his wife, Terry, have faithfully followed the Lord's leading in their lives. Dr. Stinson remains fully committed to pressing toward the vision God has laid on his heart - to reach the lost with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Stinson is known for his strong preaching, pioneering leadership, and having a visionary mindset that allows God's people to clearly understand God's calling. He believes that everything we will ever need is at the hands of our Savior.

Pastor Reginald Stinson

Associate Pastor & Music Director

Rev. Stinson (Pastor Reggie) is the eldest son of our founder and has been happily married to his wife, Valerie. Pastor Reggie has a genuine love for the saints of God and the music of God. Serving under his father for all of his life, Pastor Reggie has demonstrated dedication to God is more valuable than all of this world's riches or fame.

Pastor Reggie is known for strong preaching, leadership development, counseling, and applicable teaching for everyday living. Preacher, teacher, and musician are just a few of the gifts the Lord has blessed him with to encourage and edify this community of believers.